The Tour of Gran Canaria takes you up to the far north of Gran Canaria,where you’ll never even see another cyclist! Just take a moment to sit in the quiet surrounded by farmland and forests. The next 3 dates are running!
It’s late Oct, about 10am on a Monday Day 2 of the Tour of Gran Canaria, you’re already at 1100m, the air is river fresh and the sun is beginning to cause the first beads of sweat on your forehead, it’s then that the guide lifts the space a notch and you know then it’s
Want a new Bike? This is only Rationale you will ever need.
Not too long ago here on Gran Canaria, a conversation ensued over dinner between 2 of my clients and myself about the dilemma of buying a new bike. They are a young couple here with us on a cycling holiday, but naturally the air was thick with impending bills. This naturally too, occurred against the
Simon Richardson MBE prepares on Gran Canaria
It’s not without a certain amount of empathy, rather than sympathy for Simon Richardson MBE, that Cycle Gran Canaria aka yours truly, has decided to work with him to fulfill his training goals to reach his next target of the Paris to Swansea soiree next August. Simon and his horrific story is well told, and
Rule 1# Eat
So if you’ve been here with us, you’ll recall I’m always bangin on about the soup like some recently minted chef in a start up restaurant just anointed by that Ramsey bloke. The truth is, riding here takes it out of you, oh sure you can limp round with a pro look and say you’ll
The Day before Day 5
Day 5 on the Tour of Gran Canaria always strikes fear into the group, not helped by me goading the riders with the doings of the morrow. This picture though from a few tours back shows us all frolicking like labradors in the natural sea pools in Agaete,whe re we stayed 1 night at Roca
The Friendly Ghost Bikes of Mogan
I learned long ago that when you’re out riding, you will always encounter wonderful, strange, or unsettling things, you may meet nice people, ignorant people, but for the most part nice people. Stopping to take a quick snap is always worthwhile, checking it later, keeps that moment alive, because with today’s world, what can you
41º on Serenity Climb!
When I came first to Gran Canaria in 2005, the section of road that ran from Mogan up to Ayacata, the GC605 was for the most part un-rideable with a road bike. Although the upper section, the last 6km to Ayacata is one of the very last remaining stretches of road that needs the F1
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Cycle Gran Canaria delivers the most challenging and exciting cycling holidays, catering for every level of cyclist. Our passion for cycling on sunny mountain roads means we want you to experience this in it’s purest form. Everything we do is to ensure you feel that you’re at the beginning of a challenging and exciting week.

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