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07th October 2020

Cycle Gran Canaria COVID 19 Protocols

The COVID19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on all our lives, including the ability to travel freely. Whilst restrictions are being gradually lifted in the UK and in many countries around the world, others are still dealing with the worst of the pandemic. Spain proper should not be confused with the Canary Islands, who are assessed in a different way based on their numerics.

At Cycle Gran Canaria we continue to monitor the situation carefully in line with our partners here. We are available at any point to discuss any queries that you may have or future travel plans that you may be considering.

If you have been with us before, you will know that we take your safety very seriously, you may recall the jokes about the First Aid's kit warranty being intact for almost 10 years. We have only needed to go to the hospital from a fall once in 12 years of running what is a dangerous sport. That's proof that we are very risk-averse while at the same time giving you a happy exciting experience commensurate with the trust you have placed in us for your valuable time and money.

With this terrible COVID situation that was sprung on us all, we take the same care for your health while at the same time delivering a stress-free holiday away from the madness of the world. In conjunction with our partners, we have formulated the following procedures to ensure that you have a great cycling holiday with us in the safest possible environment.

Arrival / Departure at the Airport.

You will be personally collected and brought to the hotel/airport by our private coach service.
You will receive each a mask for each day of your stay, plus a small bottle of gel that you can easily carry on the bike free of charge from Cycle Gran Canaria

Arrival / Departure at the Hotel.

  • The sanitary protocols that we are applying for your well-being, it will be necessary to complete the Online Check-in prior to arrival at your hotel. You can check out online too.

  • You will receive an email from the hotel confirming the check-in of your reservation. When you arrive at the hotel, the receptionist will have already assigned you your room. You only have to go to the reception desk to receive the key.

  • Our partner hotel Dunas Suites & Villas is the perfect setting to switch off, sunbathe on your own terrace after the ride. Each of the villas is private to you with your own sense of space, peace, and quiet to get away from the stresses of the outside world.

  • For more detailed information about the hotel and their extremely professional approach to this unique situation, please visit this link.https://www.hotelesdunas.com/medidas-post-covid/

Bike Shop Protocols

  • Your bike, if you have hired will have been pre-paid you only have to sign the electronic contract and get fitted.

  • And as usual, keep the distance, wear the mask in the shop, and before you know it, you are free on the open road without the need to wear a mask!

Out On The Open Road.

  • We ride single file, enjoy the views, take it all in, at any stops for lunch coffees or picture taking, we take care of each other and take the pleasure that we as cyclists can enjoy in this wonderful warm weather island.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that this difficult situation has on your travel plans and the difficulty with flights being canceled arbitrarily by the airlines who indeed have their own woes. We want to support you will the following guarantees.

  • We will reschedule your transfers and hotel dates to fit with whatever dates your new flights are with no surcharges.

  • Cycle Gran Canaria will continue with its policy of 100% refund if you cannot come, provided we're outside the 72-hour window of cancellation.

That's it, folks, we will try and leave the world outside for the time you are here and instead take in the views, the warm sunshine, the high Cirrostratus clouds in the endless blue skies and breathe in the incredibly clean air of Gran Canaria!

At your Service

Raymond at Cycle Gran Canaria


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    At Cycle Gran Canaria we continue to monitor the situation carefully in line with our partners here. We are available at any point to discuss any queries that you may have or future travel plans that you may be considering.

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