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14th August 2020

Best Cycling Destinations in Europe "in the Covid Era"

It's probably one of the most written about themes in cycling, the only part that changes is the number of destinations, which comes down to the diligence of the writer and how much patience they had with the subject.

I venture into the theme again myself, not to inform you, although I kid myself erroneously that every0ne has a grasp of the best cycling holiday destinations in Spain, or the best cycling holiday destinations in Italy or the best cycling holiday destinations in France, or one closer to my heart, the best cycling in the Canary Islands.

However, it's true that now in the COVID era, ( how strange to write that) that there are legions of people trust or dragged into the world of cycling, many are perplexed, as cycling or cyclists where one of the first if not the only group of amateur sportspeople that were specifically targeted by the COVID people with a set of restrictions that would have made Orwell wince.

We knew from the outset, that as legions of us do, we cycle alone or with a few friends or to pacify the MAN, we offered to cycle alone either off-road or on-road, knowing full well that there was zero chance of contracting anything, much less winning the Lottery. Then the riposte was that should we crash, the ensuing treatment will implode the health service, so we bided our time with the grit of a professional headwind rider, until now where we are being positively forced to ride our bikes to work, etc as opposed to public transport, a massive told you so was mouthed silently by us all!

So now as we sense the form of the new normal, the headline of this blog begins to make sense, where can we cycle in Europe with as close to pre-COVID conditions as possible. We may search for "family cycling holidays" or "road cycling holidays" or even "cycling holidays for singles" which technically for some citizens, will be their only chance to get acquainted with their chosen gender choice. Note the politically correct nuance of that statement. 

The list of destinations, if there were a best cycling destinations in Europe, is considerably decreased substantially depending on your start point, if that is the US or Can, then it's difficult at this point in early August in 2020, but for Europeans, its straightforward enough.

Add in the coming winter, it's down once again down to the Canarias as your regular, faithful, never let you down the destination of destinations! Then it's a catfight between Gran Canaria and Tenerife

The app https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/ESP states clearly citizens from EU states can enter freely, there may be a temp check for sub 38º at the point of entry. Once here, you'll need to wear in the airport, on the our transfer bus, and on check-in at the hotel and picking up your bike when inside the bike shop, maintaining a distance is also "cool" & "playing the game" until we are on the road. We will play the safe card and "play it cool" at any coffee shop and apart from that, it will be like the good old days! Keep your room cards with you so you can go straight to your rooms after the ride too.

Late update! The Spanish Govt has decreed ( love that word) that smoking and even better vaping are banned in cafes and bars, even outside in the terraced areas. There are sound health actions here even if COVID is a spin-off. It means I won't need to remove heaving ashtrays from the tables for my clients!

That's it for now!

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