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Overview of the Tour of Gran Canaria

The Tour of Gran Canaria is a 6 day guided & supported epic road trip all around the mountainous island of Gran Canaria. We stay in luxurious hotels right across the island, starting from the hot and arid south, to the cool forests in the interior, then moving down to the windy northwest coast, before making our way down the spine of the west coast, crossing 3 weather zones to arrive back in the south, a last valiant effort takes back up to the center almost to the top, before we descend again to the south and our last night with a big party!

Gran Canaria has always been a pro cycling destination, old photos of Merckx, Indurain & Pantani adorn some of the old cyclist restaurants, now again with Saxobank Tinkoff, Cannondale, IAM, and many others, the island has a second birth in the modern times. The Govt has responded positively by resurfacing nearly all of the roads to F1 quality, opening new tunnels to siphon off the majority of the traffic along the coast roads. The climbs are still long and steep but consistent and also with plateaus so one can recover, repair, and go again.

All the hotels are bike-friendly and the local traffic is resoundingly polite and shout encouragement to you, no doubt some of them are reliving past glory days because the typical Canarian man or woman will have done some sport and all will have respect for you in facing their mountains!

The Tour of Gran Canaria is the only supported tour of the complete island. Our support car has all you need, water, energy drinks, bananas, dried fruit, and tasty treats, plus spare wheels, tubes, First Aid kits, walkie talkies for the staff so we are always in contact, and we know where you are at all times!!

Cycle Gran Canaria is based here all year round, there’s nothing we don’t know and nothing we can’t make happen ( within reason!), we can adapt quickly to any event, that’s what makes us the best most secure option for the wonderful people who every year put their trust with us to deliver a great challenging but fully supported tour!


Max group size: 16 | 6 days biking | 400 kilometers (250 miles) | 100% on-road | 100% vehicle supported with energy food & water | Max altitude 1951 metres | All Transfers | Personal Pick Up all Flights met | 2020/21 Bikes | Ave Daily Ride Time 4/5 hours. 7 Nights Hotel | All with heated pools | 2 nights free Thalasso | 7 Breakfasts 6 evening meals.


We use 4 different hotels, 3 are 4 star Dunas Hotels & Suites , Las Tirajanas, and Roca Negra.and 1 Mogsn Valle is an aparthotel, Roca and the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda, 2 hotels have thalassos, 2 are coastal. All have heated pools and space to wander with the palm trees rustling in the breeze.


With our bike partners, we have the latest and best from Cannondale, Specialised, and BH. Di2 and disc brake bikes too. All models are 2022-23 versions. Private bikes are also welcome. As well if you think you need an E Bike, that


The Tour of Gran Canaria has fixed dates starting from Sept 2023 through to April 2024 . Tours run Sunday to Friday. Arrive Sat, depart Sat. Monday and finishes on Friday All Tours start at 9.30am from the Hotel. We can work with people arriving and departing on different days. We can run private tours too. We are highly flexible!


We meet all flights whatever the time with a private coach with a driver who knows your name and will be waiting with a Cycle Gran Canaria logo, travel time to all hotel 30min -/+. Returning flights, we leave 2 hr 30 min before your flight departure.

Why Choose Gran Canaria ?

  • Luxury Hotels

    For all our cycling holidays, we only choose the best hotels for your cycling holiday.

  • Year Round Sunshine

    In fact, Gran Canaria is one of the sunniest places on earth with over 3000 hours of sunshine per year. That

  • Diverse Cycling Routes

    What sets Gran Canaria apart of the diversity of cycling routes, no two days are the same! There

  • Challenging Climbs

    The 4 most famous are the dreaded VOTT 25km with max 26% , the most beautiful is Serenity 9km ave 8%, the most fun Soria 6km ave 7% and my favourite Fataga/Pipeline 4.25 ave 8%. And the biggest Pico de Las Nieves 45km ave 7%.

  • Quality Roads

    We are proud to present the cleanest, safest, perfectly smooth asphalted roads for your cycling pleasure.

  • Astonishing Landscapes

    Gran Canaria is a visual treat for cyclists, the best way to prove this is to watch this amazing video of cycling on Gran Canaria

Quick Stats Stage by Stage

  • TOGC 1 Soria Vuelta
    Easy Medium
  • TOGC 2 Santa Lucia
    Medium Hard
  • TOGC 3 Pico de las Nieves
  • TOGC 4 Tejeda to Agaete
  • TOGC 5 Agaete to Mogan
    Hard Plus
  • TOGC 6 Mogan Ayacata Maspalomas

Stage 1 70 km with 1170 metres of ascent.

Stage 2 67 km with 1300 metres of ascent.

Stage 3 62 km (41 miles) with 2213 metres of ascent.

Stage 4 Cruz de Tejeda to Agaete 53km 765m ascent

Stage 5 Agaete to Mogan 67 km with 1430m ascent.

Stage 6 Mogan Ayacata Maspalomas 70km with 1900m of ascent. 

Is This Epic Cycling Holiday For You?!

We take our cue from what type of riders we have had over the last 11 years. Usually over 30 and not older than 70, yes really!, Sportive riders, professional people who do other sports like running, swimming etc.

Above all you are seeking a good challenge, but you like the guide being there as insurance and you like a nice comfortable hotel with a nice glass of wine with like minded people. A sense of camaraderie develops during the week, and there’s never any pressure on people to ride faster, you're on holiday so you ride how you like, it's not the army.

If you want to bring your own bike, you must make sure it’s well serviced and everything functions like it should!

Approx 45% of our riders are repeat clients, why is this? I think it's down the majority of our clients are professional people with sometimes hectic lives, and it's easier when you know what you are getting, the sun, the roads, the bikes, the lack of stress, it can be booked with a text to me, just like that. We keep it content rich and hassle free!

And that’s good for us and good for you!


  • "Great choice for winter cycling" Two things, the cycle tour of Gran Canaria is wonderful the road surfaces, variety of scenery, accommodation and food were all excellent. Secondly you can be confident the local knowledge of the supported cycle tour operator will ensure you enjoy a special experience.

    Jim Low

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Just returned from a warm GC to a freezing UK Great cycling adventure with Raymond and his team Went with son and 2 pals. Group of 10 altogether. Great bunch of cyclists all helpful and encouraging 1st guided tour and very pleased to have done GC in this way.

    Paul Cook

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • We were in a mixed group of riding abilities, but this was never a problem. Rays skills of choosing routes/roads and restaurants, was second to none. The week was like a well oiled machine. Great riding, great weather and above all great company. We will be back next year for sure

    Darryl Rice

    Gran Canaria Road Camp
  • Fantastic riding, weather, food and guided tour! Downhill biking doesn’t really get much better than this, it was an unforgettable adventure and I can say with certainty that it pushed me to my limits. The logistics and planning were supremely handled which meant we got to pack the most out our time here. The weather in Gran Canaria was also perfect and we got to see many different parts of the island. I would totally recommend using Cycle Gran Canaria.

    George Lewington

    Gran Canaria Road Camp
  • Cycle Gran Canaria provides a great service, from the airport pick up, great accommodation and support in hiring the bike. Ray is great guide very reliable and very flexible in defining the rides based on the fitness of the group. I have joined the road training camp for three years and I look forward to go back in 2019.

    Gianni Corocher

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Our overall experience was great. Prior to booking, we were in close communication with Cycle Gran Canaria ( CGC) and the prompt and helpful answers convinced us to travel with them. Throughout the stay, all the practical and logistical details were well-taken care of. This allowed us to focus on cycling, enjoying the climbs, landscape, and excellent weather. In the evenings, we had time for recovery: good food in nice hotels and great locations. We are 100% sure we will book with them again next year. Like

    Lydia Bernal

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • a year ago- I just returned from a week of cycling in the Tour of Gran Canaria and only have positive things to say about my experience. I am a very experienced cyclist from Boulder, Colorado and have participated in a number of organized tours in Europe and Asia, and the owner, Mr.Leddy, provided an experience at least equal to any of my previous tour experiences. Being an excellent rider himself, he could quickly assess the skill level of the participants and provide the appropriate feedback, encouragement, and adjustment as necessary. Knowing virtually every road on the island he made adjustments to the route when weather threatened. He also spent considerable time getting to know the participants to help everyone feel comfortable. And the endless beautifully paved roads on Gran Canaria are fabulous. I highly recommend this tour to any cycling enthusiast--it's well worth any effort it takes to get to Gran Canaria.

    Robert Unger

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Great riding, Brilliant road conditions, Fantastic Accommodation, Great guides, lovely food, highly recommended this cycling holiday, it’s one of the best I’ve done & I’ve done a few

    Michael Parlour

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • riding tours with him during our holiday on the island, and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our experience. Raymond definitely knows the island as the back of his hand, he was able to offer great cycling routes, customising the level of challenge to our abilities. His behaviour as a tour guide on the road is very professional and considerate without being patronising. If you're after a great cycling experience in Gran Canaria I would look no further.

    Alexander Gitnik

    Gran Canaria Road Camp
  • He ensured we all rode safely giving us a briefing before we set off . We we’re provided with nourishing snacks plenty of water and tea and coffee breaks. Lunch was alway delicious as was the breakfast and dinner. We could exchange clothing when required as it was fully supported including three cycle leaders . The accommodation was excellent and if you wanted to take a day off nothing was too much trouble. To conclude, Raymond and his merry men and the group were great fun and I’ll definitely be returning

    Lynne Sweeney

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • That’s what I said: the weather on GC is WARM when the rest of Spain is much colder. I enjoyed bragging about you and your tour, how you knew so many locals, how I learned to be more confident during descents, the terrific foods, and of course the hotels and swimming in the ocean and lovely hotel pools. Such a fantastic experience for me!!

    Allison Murray

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Trip ToGC:Thank you so much for a brilliant week last week - I absolutely loved it! Alexa Mair

    Alexa Mair

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Hi Ray! Quick note to say thanks very much for an excellent holiday, great riding, great accommodation and great company and to let you know I've put my pics up on Facebook if you want to have a look at life from the rear of the peloton. Cheers Ali Ali Mac UK

    Ali Mac UK

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Thanks very much to you and Maria for giving me a great week of cycling last week, I really enjoyed it all from the challenging climbs, sweeping down hills, views, nibbles from the van to having a post cycling beer!!Would be great if the photo of the Contador peloton could be included!Back to the office tomorrow, shame! Adrian S UK

    Adrian S UK

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Thank you again for my awesome trip. (I told John how you kept me on as a sole participant even after the other three former participants had to change dates... he was quite impressed... as I was as well.) Happy new year, Allison

    Kibbe MacClod

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Thanks for a fantastic week. We will be recommending you guys to others! Rosie Haddock

    Rosie Haddock

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Excellent,Well organised trip,exceeded expectations.Great fun all week!

    Patrick S Ireland

    Tour of Gran Canaria
  • Excellant,Ray and Maria were fantastic, very intelligent and made the trip stimulating as well as the cycling challenge!great balance of the cycling, good hotels away from the coast, good group leaders

    Ian SP Scotland

    GC Roac Camp
  • "Nothing beats the warm weather of cycling in Gran Canaria in January. The roads are generally smooth and drivers are considerate to cyclists. Highlights: climbing serenity and the long descent towards Maspalomas on the last day."

    Cath Worth

    Tour of Gran Canaria

  • TOGC 1 Soria Vuelta
    Easy Medium
  • TOGC 2 Santa Lucia
    Medium Hard
  • TOGC 3 Pico de las Nieves
  • TOGC 4 Tejeda to Agaete
  • TOGC 5 Agaete to Mogan
    Hard Plus
  • TOGC 6 Mogan Ayacata Maspalomas

Stage 1 69 km (43 miles) with 1103 metres of ascent.

Most people will choose to hire bikes and these will be picked up this morning, we’ll spend as much time as necessary to ensure everyone is properly fitting to their bike and prepared to start. Today is a local ride from the hotel, giving us a chance to stretch our legs and check out our bikes before the tour ahead.

We’ll make our way along the glittering coastline, following an undulating road that overlooks the Atlantic. After 12 kilometres, we turn inland on a quiet road that bisects a deep valley of lava cliffs. As buzzards circle above us, it’s time to zone out and find our own rhythm for the 9 kilometre climb into the brilliant mountain sunshine.

The climb ends at the mountain village of Soria (600m), overlooking the deepest reservoir on the island. We’ll have lunch at the popular mountain restaurant of Casa Fernando, renowned for its wholesome food. After soaking up the sunshine, we head back the same way with a glorious descent to the coast.


Route Technical Overview

Strava Route View

Route photos

Hotel Photos

Stage 2 67 km (42 miles) with 1303 metres of ascent.

Santa Lucia, this is the tour with everything, we go straight into a 7km 6% ave climb to Mirador de Fataga, take a short break, fill up with water and admire the view of the Gran Canyon. 

Then a 200m descent with care, absolutely keep right on the white line, hugging the rockface on the right handers. Reach the bottom and start a 4km climb to Fataga for a welcome coffee break!

From there a really enjoyable 4km climb to 980m, and a break and regroup at the Pipeline Carpark before the descent to and a short climb to Santa Lucia one of the prettiest villages on Gran Canaria, strange how a lot of politicians live there!

It's usually about lunch time now, so we stop and have what we want at the open air restaurant, I'd recommend the Canarian soup, very nutritious and not heavy on the stomach.

Now we have a wild fast descent, very twisty, very enjoyable, again lots of blind corners so keep right. We regroup at the cemetery carpark and thread our way through the town of Doctoral and make a special visit to Seven Pro Bike Shop, where there is a fantastic range of cycling clothing and equipment. Our Canadian guests are always amazed at the prices and we have agreed a gift of 20% off for you. 

Now we come to next highlight of the day, we join the main GC500 direct from the shop visit and have a 15km wide road with a good tail wind, a real high speed echelon race to the hotel, usually between 3 and 4pm.

Route Technical Overview

Strava Route View

Route photos

Hotel Photos

Stage 3 62 km (41 miles) with 2213 metres of ascent.

The big Zero to Hero. As with yesterday's tour where we go straight into a 7km 6% ave climb to Mirador de Fataga, take a short break, fill up with water and admire the view of the Grand Canyon. 
Then a 200m descent with care, absolutely keep right on the white line, hugging the rock face on the right handers. Reach the bottom and start a 4km climb to Fataga for a welcome coffee break!

From there a really enjoyable 4 km climb to 980m, and a break and regroup at the Pipeline Carpark.We're practically half way now and can see Pico if there's no cloud cover, next meet point is the opposite side of Cruz Grande and we regroup and take a breather and take the new climatic zone of the north west area.

Now 6km flat to Ayacata and where we have a coffee and take in some food for the hardest part of the day, 4 km at 11% plus to Roque Nublo, from there it's a rolling with some steep ramps 9 km to Pico de las Nieves, you've made it!!Now some jackets on and only 15 min downhill to your hotel the beautiful Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

Route Technical Overview

Strava Route View

Route photos

Hotel Photos

Stage 4 Cruz de Tejeda to Agaete 53km 765m ascent

This is a newly planned route, we leave the hotel and head on a flat road through the cloud covered forests where we make our way around the back of Artenara where a quick hot coffee is very much appreciated as we are at the highest village on Gran Canaria in the early morning!

From there we head towards La Coruna and descend through silent foggy forests to the mountain lakes, now we have some steep climbing to get back up to the main road and then more climbing before we enter the farmland area of Gran Canaria. 

Now we can see the coast at Galdar and with good care, we are descending fast on farm roads, we pop out at the GC2 where we regroup and join a quiet fast road for the last run into the Agaete, we have a fish lunch in the small fishing port and get into the hotel and then maybe a swim in the natural sea pools to round off a perfect day!

Route photos

Stage 5 Agaete to Mogan.65km 1430m. 


Today marks the high point of the week in terms of cycling visual stimulation, we have 2 x 700m climbs to get over and both are sharper in profile than anything so far this week and the 2nd is harder than the first.
We leave Agaete and straight onto 16 kms of one of the most visually exciting roads you will ever ride, clinging to the back cliffs and winding around the contours that make up this most desolate side of the island.

Once we pass Risco Blanco the road climbs up to the new tunnel, which circumvents the old road and takes us 3.25km deep under the mountains. The riding is safe on a 1m wide cycle track and the tunnel itself is airy, dry and very well lit.

We emerge once again into the sunshine, still 6km from Aldea de San Nicolas at sea level where we replenish our bottles, then continue for 10km up to 700m again at an average of 8/9% to reach the Juice Bar.
From there we drop down steeply through very open landscape to reach Mogan where we have a late lunch.From there it’s getting used to the rise in temps all over again as we race down the last section of very good but a narrow road to our hotel.

Route Technical Overview

Strava Route View

Route photos

Hotel Photos

Stage 6 Mogan Ayacata Maspalomas 70km 1900m


The ride today takes us on a climb straight from the hotel 10m back up to Mogan 400m and then onto the famous Serenity Climb after 10km of climbing. Serenity starts hard with a 16% kick up but settles down after into a consistent 7% all the way to 980m at Barranquillo.
Here we replenish and continue another 16km up to Ayacata, the road is perfect till Presa de las Ninas 23 km but from there it has a broken surface and needs to be negotiated with care for your tyres.At Ayacata 33 km and 1303m we replenish and have some lunch before the long descent now back to the south.

The road through Cruz Grande is fine, low traffic but gets rutted at Risco Blanco before San Bart. We avoid the Walk of Shame and instead make another route to get to the Pipeline, from here 980m and 46 km in, we have a very fast descent to Fataga before the road opens up again down to the lower plateau before your final climb of the week, the consistent 8% 250m Zig zags to the Mirador de Fataga.

There’s usually a race to the top as every last gel is used to be the best finisher!From here it’s a 7km descent to the bike centre, to repatriate the bikes.Bike boxes and owners will be reacquainted. Make our way to the hotel from there and prepare for the big meal out tonight!


Route Technical Overview

Strava Route View

Route photos

Hotel Photos

  • Hotel Dunas Suites & Villas 4* in Maspalomas (Day’s 1, 2, 3 & 7)

    Welcome to our newest hotel partner, Hotel Suites & Villas by Dunas. Cycle Gran Canaria is always optimising the best conditions, based on our policy to "keep it the same, but do it better". Suites offers better bigger apartments, always with the sun, and always with more space.

    The Hotel has a fully equipped bike station from where you can store your bike, buy clothing, buy energy gels, pump tyres etc. Private seats and own pedals can be fitted smartly, you only leave when you are happy with set up. You can start right from the hotel, with none of the queuing and waiting. You can exit the complex on quiet safe roads, so we start and finish safe and sound

    So choose here to experience a stay full of peace and relaxation. Enjoy winter sun and exclusivity in one of our dreamlike suites at the most beautiful place in the world. Here the sun shines every morning between our palm trees and fills our pools with warmth. Our suites and villas are located close to natural heaven, the Dunes of Maspalomas, in the middle of the unique Tony Gallardo Park. Come and relax in one of our suites and villas in Maspalomas.

    The hotel is the official sponsor of the Cicloturista Gran Canaria Bike Week this coming December 2020 and also boasts the Cycling Friendly Gold quality certification.

    Drive time to the hotel with our private airport transfer is approx 30 mins. We meet all flights arriving and departing, so the cycling holiday starts as soon as you land and we take your bags. Bike boxes too! ;-)

  • Parador Cruz de Tejeda (Day 4)

    Can you imagine yourself in a natural paradise in the centre of the island of Gran Canaria, with an indoor and outdoor spa from which you can enjoy the best panoramic view of the island? That place exists and is called Parador de Cruz de Tejeda. It is located in a beautiful setting with views of the Cultural Landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Spaces of the Mountains of Gran Canaria, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2019. It is the ideal place for cyclists. Most of our rooms have spectacular views of the Caldera de Tejeda.

  • Hotel Roca Negra (Day 5)

    Welcome to Roca Negra Hotel & Spa, in Canarias (Agaete),it integrates into the architecture of the town, and takes the form of the ancient walls of volcanic rock, becoming part of them. Thus, privacy and silence are the protagonists of our rooms. From the terraces, you will be surprised and enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, with clear sky, sightseeing the island of Tenerife and the majestic Teide Volcano.

    Our privileged location, you will discover one minute walking, the natural marine pools, called “Las Salinas”, hike through the most beautiful mountains of the island, up to the highest cliff in Europe: the Faneque.

    All our 87 rooms offer you fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, where you can see the highest peak in Spain, El Teide. With nearly 50 m2 each, the space invites you to rest more comfortable. Enjoy a stylish design and the most complete equipment. You can choose twin or queen bed, large bathroom with bathtub, hairdryer and mirror. Integrated into the main hall, have a cozy couch, desk, flat screen TV 32” and mini-bar. The equipment includes digital door lock, air conditioning and heating, telephone, WiFi and safe. You can enjoy the unique sunset views from a furnished terrace, always facing the sea.

    The hotel also boasts the Cycling Friendly Gold quality certification and has a safe and secure bike lock-up, fully equipped with modern bike tools, pumps and charging points for Di2 of E-Bikes.

  • Hotel Mogan Valle (Day 6)

    You’ll be very welcome at the Apartamentos Cordial Mogan Valle, another cycle friendly hotel. Our spacious, modern and bright apartments with large terraces/balconies and our pools with large solarium areas offer everything you need to enjoy the sunny climate of Puerto de Mogan. With its wide range of activities from the relaxing Spa “Las Salinas” to our amazing Splashpark, for the amusement of the smallest. It is an establishment where both older and younger find all that they need for the perfect holiday.

    Puerto de Mogan also known as the Little Venice for its bridges and canals is a truly magical place. Discover this picturesque fishing village with its romantic fishing port and the cozy golden beach. A day here could not be more complete…Official category: Apartments 3 Stars

Airport to Hotel Transfers.
Cycle Gran Canaria ride leader
Vehicle support.
Baggage transfer between overnight stops
Accommodation as detailed in the itinerary
All meals as detailed in the itinerary

Travel insurance
Visas (if required)
Airport transfers unless purchased separately
Miscellaneous personal expenses – tips drinks and souvenirs etc
Bike Carriage on the flights – please contact your carrier for charges
Flights are not included


Breakfasts are self service buffet with all choices. The support car has energy food to keep you topped up, but there’s a lunch stop at a local restaurant every midday. Dinner will be taken at our accommodation.

Gran Canaria is a year-round destination and has what is often described as eternal spring-summer conditions. There are surprising differences across the island, however, with the south-western part being semi-desert and the mountains of the north receiving more rainfall. The prevailing north-easterly Trade Winds, that deposit their rain on the northern slopes of the Island, are responsible for this split. During the period from November to March, we can expect daytime temperatures ranging from 16 to 24 degrees Centigrade, becoming progressively cooler as we gain height in the mountains. In April and May it will be a few degrees warmer than this – but still pleasant for cycling.

The better conditioned you are the more you will enjoy your trip. We suggest that you adopt a sensible weekly exercise regime and fit in a number of long cycle rides in hilly country to ensure you are physically capable of taking part in this trip – this will also provide you with an opportunity to make sure all your riding kit is tried and tested before you travel. Cycling is obviously the best activity to prepare for this trip, however, running, rowing and swimming are also good for developing aerobic fitness and stamina.

We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at:



The unit of currency in Europe is the Euro.

You should contact your doctor or travel clinic to check whether you require any specific vaccinations. UK residents should obtain a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to state provided medical treatment, but is not a substitute for medical travel insurance which is still vital when travelling overseas.

A passport with 6 months remaining validity at the end of your stay is generally required. The information that we provide is for UK passport holders. Please check the relevant embassy or consulate for other nationalities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents and visas for your holiday. Visa requirements and charges are subject to change without notice. If you are travelling outside the EU you should have at least 2 blank pages in your passport for each country that you visi

For each holiday there is a minimum number of participants required to enable it to go ahead. Once the minimum number is reached, the trip status will change from ‘Available’ to ‘Guaranteed to run’. You can check the trip status for each departure in ‘Dates and Prices’ table. Other than in exceptional circumstances, we will not cancel a trip once it has achieved this guaranteed to run status and so you are free to proceed with your international flight booking and other travel arrangements.


The following is a basic checklist to help you with your packing. We recommend using the layering principle of clothing for varying climatic conditions. Good padded cycling shorts are essential.



Road or touring cycling shoes

Waterproof cycling overshoes


Base-layer – short sleeve cycling top (x 2)

Long sleeved cycling top (x 1)

Lightweight waterproof jacket

Lightweight Fleece top or jumper.

Lightweight windproof gillet.


Regular biking gloves

Long fingered gloves


Padded cycling shorts (x 2)

Cycling tights or tricksters

Casual shorts


Biking glasses

Cycling helmet – mandatory

Travel and apres biking clothes

Trainers/Leisure shoes for apres biking

Wash bag and toiletries


Chamois Cream (e.g. Assos or Ozone)

Small padlock (to lock trek bag)


Mobile/Cell phone (optional)



Puncture repair kit & tyre levers

Inner tube

Small camera

Sun cream


1 or 2 waterbottles

Lightweight waterproof top

Basic First Aid Kit. Including: antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), painkillers, plasters, insect repellent (75-100% DEET) and re-hydration salts (Dioralite).


Please note: If you are hiring a bike you do not need to bring spares – a pump and spare inner tube comes with the bike.

If you are taking your own bike, you should bring the following with you. Whilst not essential, it is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out at least some basic repairs e.g. fixing a puncture, changing an inner tube. Naturally our bike guide will always be happy to assist with any repairs, but being able to carry out a simple repair can save time and inconvenience waiting for assistance.


You will need 700 x 25 Touring/Road Performance tyres suitable for mostly dry with occasional wet conditions.


Plastic tyre levers

1 rear brake cable

1 rear gear cable

Spare set of brake blocks (front and rear)

2 spare spokes for front and rear wheels

Spoke key

4 x inner tubes

Spare chain links

Liquid chain lube

Multi-tool with Allen keys

Chain link extractor (if not on multi-tool)

2x puncture repair kits

A rag and brush for cleaning bike and drive train.

Any spares specific to your bike

Cycle Gran Canaria TOOLS AND SPARES

On all of our trips we carry a track pump, toolkit and a basic range of spares for emergencies. If any other spare parts are needed, our support vehicle will make a detour to the nearest bike shop, which can be found in some of the larger towns en route.


You should take a supply of the gels, power bars, sports drink mix (sachets) and other high-energy snacks that you normally use.

This holiday does not involve any significant ascent to altitude and we would not expect any altitude issues with this trip.


Excellent bike hire is available for this trip and makes a lot of sense – as it costs about the same as taking your own bike on the flights to and from Gran Canaria. Our local bike partner Free Motion is a very a large professional outfit in Playa del Ingles (5 mins drive from our hotel) which has a choice of excellent road bikes for hire. Option (1) is the new model (2016) Cannondale CAAD 12. These have aluminium frames, Shimano 105 components, compact chainsets (50/34) and 11 speed (11/28) cassettes. The hire charge for this model is 108 euros. Option (2) is the (2016) Cannondale Synapse. These have carbon frames, Shimano Ultegra components, compact chainsets (50/34) and 11 speed (11/32) cassettes. We recommend this second option on account of the bike’s more relaxed geometry and lower gearing! The hire charge for this model is 138 euros. Both of these prices are accurate (Jan 2016) and subject to change). We need to know well in advance if you are proposing to hire a bike and we need to establish the frame size you require. As well as giving us your estimate of frame size, we need your height (metric) and your weight (metric). If you want pedals provided with the bike (no extra cost) the options are SPD SL, Look Keo or Classic, SPD MTB. We will check that a suitably sized bike is available for collection and you will pay for the bike directly with the local agent when you pick up the bike on the Sunday morning (Day 2). Please note that your contract for bike hire is directly with our local agent and not with KE. You will be required to show photo ID such as a passport and pay a €60 deposit when you pick up the bike. All breakages, scratches on bikes, torn handlebar tape, crash damage are elements that will have a cost attached, to be decided by the hire bike provider. If hiring a bike we recommend that you bring your own saddle and pedals, as well as your helmet. Bikes come supplied with pump and spare inner tube. Full mechanic service available with support car. A transfer will take us from our hotel on Sunday morning to pick up the hire bikes. If you are arriving earlier and wish to pay for an extra day’s bike hire, then this can also be arranged.

During our 6-day circuit of the island, we will have the back up of a 9-seater support vehicle. Each morning our main baggage will be loaded onto the support vehicle which will follow the group on the day’s ride. The biking leader and the support vehicle driver will watch over the group and will communicate by walkie-talkie. You will also be able to contact them by mobile phone in the case of a breakdown or other incident. We want everyone to enjoy their cycling experience on this trip and we recognize the importance of group members being allowed to cycle at their own pace. On most of our road biking trips it is usual that there can be a fair distance between the front and rear cyclists in the group and there may be times when other group members, vehicle support and biking leader are out of sight. The support vehicle will carry water, coke, chocolate bars etc. plus figs, raisins, bananas and energy mix for drinks. There will be regular stops to allow the group to reassemble and the support vehicle will pick up any group members who wish to take a break from cycling at any time.

Travelling with a bike is usually as straightforward as travelling with any other type of baggage – providing you have packed it adequately. We have many years experience of travelling with our bikes, and nowadays we think that the best way to travel and fly with a bike is to partially dismantle it and put it into a purpose made bike bag or hard bike case. If you are using a softer bike bag, then you may need to add further protection to the bike when packing it. To pack your bike you simply remove both wheels and pedals and prepare it for travel as follows. Obviously, extra care when packing your bike can minimise the chances of accidental damage occurring in transit. Ask your local bike store for plastic wheel hub protectors (which will prevent damage to your bike bag) and plastic fork and frame spacers, insert the spacers into the dropouts, tape them in place and then put extra padding over this area. Use pipe insulation lagging (from your local DIY store) to cover frame tubes, forks and seat post. If required, remove your bars from the stem and attach them carefully to your frame/forks using plastic ties or pvc tape – ensure that your Ergo/Sti levers are well padded to minimise the chance of damage. You may also wish to remove your rear gear mech, pad it with foam and tape it to the chainstay out of harms way. Finally, you should partly deflate your tyres, but leave some air in them to help absorb any impact on the wheels. Don’t forget to pack wheel skewers, pedals and any bolts you have removed, these are the items that tend to get left behind. Finally, if you are using a softer bike bag, find an old cardboard bike box and cut out panels to fit inside your soft bike bag for extra protection. Don’t forget to bring sufficient packing materials to pack your bike on the way home.

Please note that bike bags or bike boxes will not travel with us during the course of the trip. Bicycle transportation bags or boxes will be left in secure storage.


A road bike or standard touring bike is recommended for this trip. It should be fitted with a compact or triple chainset and a 10 or 11-speed cassette. Please call if you are unsure about the suitability of your bike. We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your bike is in perfect working condition before you start this trip. You are depending on your bike to transport you throughout your trip, across demanding terrain. It is VITAL to ensure it is THOROUGHLY SERVICED to guarantee it is in good mechanical order before departure. If you are not mechanically minded, get your local bike mechanic to service it for you. For home mechanics, points to note particularly are:

a) Check rims and if they are worn, cracked or dented replace with a new rim or wheel to avoid wheel failure. It is especially important to check that the rims on rim-braked bikes are not worn concave by the brake blocks -replace them if they are.

b) Check wheels are true and spoke tension is tight.

c) Check ALL bearings and quick release skewers and, if required, adjust, grease or replace.

d) Check and, if required, replace brake and gear cables.

e) Check brake pads, mounts and cables / hydraulic lines and replace if necessary.

f) Check and lube, threadlock and tighten all bolts (esp. suspension pivots, bottom brackets, disc rotor bolts and brake calliper mounting bolts).

g) Check chain, cassette and chain rings for wear and replace as necessary.

h) Make sure you have the right tyres, inner tubes and BIKE SPECIFIC SPARES for your bike.

Whilst not essential, it is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out at least some basic repairs to your bike e.g. fixing a puncture, changing an inner tube. Naturally our bike guide will be happy to assist with any repairs, but due to the often remote nature of our trips, being able to carry out a simple repair can save time and the inconvenience of waiting for assistance.

Taking a bike on an aircraft is usually straightforward. Different airlines have differing policies with regard to baggage allowances and transporting bikes. We strongly advise that you check the current policy of your chosen airline for carrying bikes and their baggage allowances before purchasing your air ticket. The baggage section on your chosen airline’s website will usually contain this information. We suggest that you are aware of the weight and dimensions of your intended check-in baggage in advance of your arrival at the airport as airlines may charge for both excess and oversize baggage, or refuse to carry oversized baggage. If you are using a domestic flight to connect with your International flight then it is likely that a different baggage policy will exist for the domestic and international flight sections. Again you should check the baggage policy with your chosen domestic airline prior to booking your domestic flight tickets. Any additional charges incurred for transporting your bike on any of the flights required for this adventure (international, domestic and internal flights within the trip itinerary -if applicable) are the responsibility of each individual client..

This holiday will be accompanied by an experienced Cycle Gran Canaria or Partner ride leader. In addition, there will be a support vehicle and driver.

During this bike holiday, we will generally meet for breakfast at about 8.00 am. After we’ve eaten, we will pack our trek bags and load them onto the support vehicle. We will generally start our day’s riding at around 9.00 am. We will have regular stops to allow the group to reform and cafe stops wherever it seems appropriate. The support vehicle will bring up the rear to to make sure nobody is lost. Lunch will be at a restaurant where you can purchase a snack or more substantial meal directly. We usually arrive at our hotel by mid to late afternoon and have time to shower, change and relax or attend to any bike maintenance that may be required. Our evening meals are usually taken at the hotel and this is a great time of day for reliving the events of the day and for general socializing.

There are 3 nights accommodation at a resort-style hotel in Maspalomas and 1 night at a similar establishment in Puerto Mogan. There are also 2 nights in a very pleasant hotel in San Bartolome at 1000m and 1 night in Agaete on the NE coast. Accommodation is generally arranged on a twin-sharing basis and if you are travelling by yourself, you will be paired up with another single client of the same sex. All of the hotels have excellent facilities with swimming pools and WiFi.
View the gallery below for images of the style of accommodation used


Travel insurance
Visas (if required)
France Only. Airport transfers for France only unless purchased separately
Miscellaneous personal expenses – tips drinks and souvenirs etc
Bike Carriage on the flights – please contact your carrier for charges
Flights are not included

2023! What a great year it's going to be for cycling on Gran Canaria. 
Let's do it!

2023 Tour Dates

DatesCodesClient PriceStatus
Sat 18th Feb - Sat 25th FebTOGC 1€1,595.00Completed
Sat 25th Mar - Sat 01st April TOGC 2€1,595.00Completed
Sat 16th Sep - Sat 23th SepTOGC 3€1,595.00Completed
Tues 10nd Oct - Tues 17th OctTOGC 4A€1,595.00Completed
Sat 21nd Oct - Sat 28th OctTOGC 4€1,595.00Completed
Sat 18th Nov -Sat 25th NovTOGC 5€1,595.00Completed
Tues 26th Dec - Tues 2nd Jan Christmas TourTOGC 6€2100.00Guaranteed.

2024 Tour Dates

DatesCodesClient PriceStaus
Sat 02nd Feb - Sat 10th FebTOGC 1€1,595.00Guaranteed.
Sat 17th Feb - Sat 23th FebTOGC 2€1,595.00Guaranteed.
Sat 23th Mar - Sat 30th MarTOGC 3€1,595.00Guaranteed.
Sat 20th Apr - Sat 27th AprilTOGC 4€1,595.00Guaranteed.

Single Supp for all dates except Xmas Tour is €350.00 per person

Single Supp for Xmas is €400.00 per person

Do you wish to book the Tour of Gran Canaria privately for your club or for your group of friends, or perhaps you may want to use a date, not in use by the current schedule?

If, so yes we can, just contact me directly at raymond@cyclegrancanaria.com and we’ll try to make it happen for you!

  • Cannondale
    Synapse Carbon 2 Ultegra Di2 (2023)

    6 to 12 Days € 44,00
    Endurance Geometry (2023)

  • Cannondale
    Supersix EVO Ultegra Disc Di2 2023

    6 to 12 Days €40.00 per day
    Race Geometry (2022)

  • Cannondale
    Topstone Carbon 3 (2023)

    6 to 12 Days € 30,00
    Race geometry bike (2023)

  • Specialized Tarmac SL7 Carbon Comp Disc Rival eTap AXS (2023)

    6 to 12 days €35.00
    Race Geometry (2023)

  • BH
    RS1 3.5 105 Di2 (2023)

    2-5 Days € 29,00
    Endurance Geometry

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