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22nd November 2018

Stunning Cyclist in a Stunning Image

OK, so I've known this nice 50 plus yr old Norwegian lady for nearly 10 years, I believe she was one of my first clients and I think I have seen her more or less every year since then, at the beginning she was a novice, works as an accountant, had done some running and swimming, her first real cycling experience was on the Tour of Gran Canaria, and now when she comes again, she more or less owns it, not only does she race now, those wet frozen events in Norway, but she attacks every climb, or rather than attack just seems to float off the front, with very little effort, and with some panache as you can see here in this image, on a route that even if you're a regular to Gran Canaria, I'll doubt you'll know, well it's Day 5, the big one on the Tour of Gran Canaria. So it's about you and the Tour, can you remake yourself as a real athlete like she did?

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