A Cycling Holiday At It’s Finest

If you are looking for one of the best places to go cycling, then look no further! With great weather year round, well maintained roads and challenging climbs, Gran Canaria offers some of the finest cycling in Europe. The island has a remarkable range of of microclimates and ecosystems, at one minute you will be cycling past desert, at other times through subtropical rainforest or rocky mountains or beaches. Both ametuer and pro cyclits will find that there are enough routes to keep them well challenged and many of our clients are repeat visitors. We will take care of all the logistical details so you can fully enjoy your ride. Airport pickup, hotels, equipment and of course your trusty guide will be there for you from start to finish.

The Tour of Gran Canaria is the most popular winter cycling tour in any of the winter cycling holiday destinations. Here you will experience visually what you will do on a day by day basis, you will see the great visual treats that come to you each day. It is a luxury guided cycling holiday for experienced riders, singles, and couples. Most of our riders are over 40 and come from all over the world, this proves the popularity of Gran Canaria as a great cycling holiday destination!


Tour of Gran Canaria, A Cyclist's Dream

One of our favorite tours is the tour of Gran Canaria which is a 6 day guided & supported epic road trip all around the mountainous island. As this is a luxury cycling holiday, we stay in the best hotels right across the island, starting from the hot and arid south, to the cool forests in the interior, then moving down to the windy north-west coast, before making our way down the spine of the west coast, crossing 3 weather zones to arrive back in the south, a last valiant effort takes back up to the centre almost to the top, before we descend again to the south and our last night with a big party! It's suitable for fit motivated beginners, for the over 40s and of course for all cyclists seeking a cycling challenge.

Tour Of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, Road Camp

The Gran Canaria Road Camp is pretty unique! It runs weekly right through the winter season from Oct 1, 2017, to the end of May 2018. Tours every Monday and finishes on Friday with an option of adding a tour on a Saturday if you leave on a Sunday. All Tours start at 9.45am from Bike Centre. The great thing here is that really you can ride all winter long, there is no down time so this makes it a great winter cycling destination. Never mind that Gran Canaria is the best place for cycling in Spain, we run with 4 different levels of pace, so it's perfect for beginners and older stronger riders. We have all the information too if you want a self-guided cycling holiday in Spain. We also have 2 levels of hotel, from aparthotel to 4 stars with a visit to the Thalasso to ease the pains of the day0's ride, it's really a luxury cycling holiday.

Road Camp

Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Camp.

Gran Canaria is for mountain biking, what Mars is for space exploration! There’s just and is still, an enormous amount of undiscovered trails and tracks that only the really intrepid bikers can explore and map.Because there is technically no cold winter weather here, it really is the best place for cycling in Spain, a perfect winter cycling destination. We run many levels, so for beginners and experienced riders who want epic gnarly trails, this is the best. So with our help, we can at least show you what you can do, you can go as a self-guided MTB holiday to whet your appetite for longer, more diverse rides in the future. We also have 2 levels of hotel, from aparthotel to 4 stars with a visit to the Thalasso to ease the pains of the day0's ride, it's really a luxury MTB cycling holiday.

Mountain Bike Camp

Gran Canaria Bike Rental

When you have the best cycling destination in Spain, the best roads for the best winter cycling holiday and the best weather in Spain, then you must have the best rental bikes too! We only rent out current next year models, from the economic models to the top of the range from Cannondale, Specialized and Pinarello, the bike of choice for Team Sky, rent them all here and find out what's like to ride on the finest bike in a top location. You can rent or buy some maps or GPS routes to help with you self-guided bike trip. We also have 2 levels of hotel, from aparthotel to 4 stars where you can store your bike in our mini centre and take with a visit to the Thalasso to ease the pains of the day's ride, it really is a luxury cycling holiday.

Rent a Bike