Load the iTunes App “20 Cycling Routes on Gran Canaria” and plan your week of riding!

screen320x480-rayThe new Cycle Gran Canaria iTunes app, 20 Cycling Routes on Gran Canaria is a must have for any cyclist.

It is the only cycling related app that features pre loaded routes with audio & visual information, activated by GPS waypoints, pre configured for any one of the 20 great cycling routes you can choose from.

The 5 best reasons to use this app.

1. These are heavily data specced routes that give you the planning information needed to face a new route in a new location.
2. All the routes emanate from the south where 90% of routes start from, photos of junctions, cafe and water stops ensure you get home in good order.
3.You learn very soon that the info you have allows you to aim for a more difficult route from the list of 20, it’s very rare that anyone person has completed all of them
4.The data also allows you to save the route and upload it later to your online platform.
5. The really important thing here of course is, there are no roaming or telephone charges at all, because every is contained within the app, clever isn’t it!


You fail to plan, you plan to fail!!



And before you say it, yes you can even navigate the routes and travel each from the comfort of your couch in Chicago or your desk in Darwin!

But if you’re planning a cycling trip to GC, then the skinny on 20 routes searchable by metres gained or kilometres travelled will prepare you mentally for every day!

Choose by distance or by metres climbed.



Every route from the easy Ayaguares or the famous VOTTs are covered in painstaking detail, with photos and experienced based text descriptions.

You’ll never be short of information on cafes and water stops, alerts come within 500m of a info point or just plink ahead on the screen to see what’s coming up.

Touch the waypoint for local information.



So today, we’ve chosen Serenity one of the nicest routes on the island. Your GPS red location marker shows you where you are, and the blue balloons will guide you around the course!

There’s a route profile too at the outset that shows you the cols for the day.

Never get lost, never waste time.



So here’s a classic, should you turn left or right at this petrol station? It’s right! So head up the hill and look out for that climb!

Good thing you had the Cycle Gran Canaria 20 Cycling Routes on Gran Canaria app! Remember to save your file for extraction later to Strava or Garmin.

The Apple iTunes app is compatible with GS4s,5 & 6, and can be downloaded by the clicking the download button below.

The cost is only $5.99 and if you choose a holiday with us here at Cycle Gran Canaria, I’ll reimburse you the same amount in Euros!!

About Cycle Gran Canaria


Cycle Gran Canaria delivers the most challenging and exciting cycling holidays, catering for every level of cyclist. Our passion for cycling on sunny mountain roads means we want you to experience this in it’s purest form. Everything we do is to ensure you feel that you’re at the beginning of a challenging and exciting week.

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