Want a new Bike? This is only Rationale you will ever need.
Not too long ago here on Gran Canaria, a conversation ensued over dinner between 2 of my clients and myself about the dilemma of buying a new bike. They are a young couple here with us on a cycling holiday, but naturally the air was thick with impending bills. This naturally too, occurred against the

About Cycle Gran Canaria


Cycle Gran Canaria delivers the most challenging and exciting cycling holidays, catering for every level of cyclist. Our passion for cycling on sunny mountain roads means we want you to experience this in it’s purest form. Everything we do is to ensure you feel that you’re at the beginning of a challenging and exciting week.

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: raymond@cyclegrancanaria.com
: (+ 34) 617 799 924
: Po Box 416 Maspalomas 35100
Las Palmas Gran Canaria Spain

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