There is nowhere better in Europe for a 2015 2016 winter cycling training holiday than beautiful, sunny & versatile Gran Canaria.


Cycle Gran Canaria offer complete arrival to departure service, ensuring that you have the perfect cycling holiday on stunning routes, quality 2015 bikes and experienced English speaking guides.


So you can choose from the Gran Canaria Road Camp, or go off road with a Mountain Bike Camp or if you want something totally new, then head of on the fully supported the Tour of Gran Canaria. covering the whole island over 8 days.


Even if it's just information you need on routes, then the .gpx / .tcx route library is a free download for you. Apple phone and iPad users will love the new iTunes app 20 Cycling Trips on Gran Canaria too!


On this site you are just a request away from booking your cycling holiday. You'll be taken straight to your hotel from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport (LPA) by a representative of Cycle Gran Canaria, and then after a good night's sleep, a short trip to the bike centre to get your bike and start your first ride!


Its perpetual sunshine,breathtakingly diverse scenery and superb quality roads that make cycling in Gran Canaria such a repeatable irresistible experience.


Go straight to the contact page here for an immediate chat with me Raymond Leddy, or just browse around the site and start planning your cycling holiday with our help and information.




Gran Canaria Road Camp

An exhilarating cycling holiday in the sunshine!

A well organised road riding holiday with very achievable routes for everybody. You can get your form back in an amazing landscape,see what you can acheive! 


Even if you're a beginner, you'll have very experienced guides with you all the way to ensure that you finish each day elated with yourself!


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Mountain Bike Camps

Fully equipped for all levels of ability


Gran Canaria’s amazing and turbulent topography has produced one of the most amazing landscapes in the world, and correspondingly the most radical and technical trail locations for mountain biking in Europe.


Enjoy the latest bikes in true mountain country!


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Viva Gran Canaria

Hike up high and enjoy the edges of the world.

7 nights fully supported hike in all parts of the diverse island of Gran Canaria. From the arid south to the foggy forests of the north, the pinnacles of the centre & moon landscapes of the eastern foothills.

Staying in quality hotels from Mogan in the south to Las Palmas in the north, half board and private transport to each route close by, lots of snacks and drinks in the support car, so that you feel great and wonderful each day. 


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Tour of Gran Canaria

Unique, challenging & rewarding

This is the only fully supported riding tour of the whole of Gran Canaria! Enjoy professional local service, taking you right around the island over 6 challenging rides. Team support car with us at at all times, loaded with snacks, fruit and drinks, plus full mechanic service.

Staying in quality hotels, on half board basis, riding on 2014 quality bikes from Cannondale, you'll see all aspects of the island and get into valleys and over ridges, not accessible from the south on normal tours. Unique, challenging & rewarding? You bet!


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Video of the Day, it's real, it happens!

The VOTT in western Gran Canaria.
iTunes app for 20 Cycle Routes on Gran Canaria
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